Sunday, July 19, 2015

Championships in Mequite

The Mesquite Championships are always the best.  It's the last huge meet with all of the summer teams.  The Fredonia Killer Whales have one the trophy four years in a row until last year when WE won it!  So as returning champs we were out to defend our title.  This is the trophy with our name on it from last year.  We didn't want to go back home without it.
So in order to stay calm, cool and collected everyone brought their Kendama's and played with them in between every race.  It was pretty fun.  During the season Ben and Coach Cole Mayoros became good friends and so did David and Coach Jake Atkinson.  By the end of season Cole and Jake both had a good following of little kids.  So it was a competition between Team Cole and Team Jake to see who was better.  It was really cute.  Here are Jake (blue trunks) and Cole (sun hat) playing Ken with the kids.
David showing off his stupid human trick.
While the boys played, Sophie read.  It's what she loves to do more than swimming.  And Shayne doing the one and only thing that she loves to do more than swim...COACH!

Josh's wing span almost touches the lane lines on each side.
I got a lot of excellent picture's from this meet but this one is my ALL-TIME favorite picture EVER!
Followed by this look of satisfaction that her swimmer did such a great job.
Shayne is an excellent coach.  When you can yell at your kids and they come running over to you after they are done to get constructive criticism because they love you and know that you can help them, then you know that you are a successful coach.
This is Ben's relay team.  They are all awesome!  I can't wait to see what they all do in High School!
Here's Sophie's IM.  She destroyed the girl in the pink cap.  But got beat by the girl from Fredonia in blue.

 Cole and Josh were right after Sophie.  Now keep in mind that Cole is a Sr. and Josh is only a Sophomore.
]Cole won.  Josh thought he was going to beat him so he was a little down.  Plus Josh has been suffering with some asthma this year and forgot to bring his inhaler so he didn't do as well as he'd hoped for.  After every race you go over and talk to the coach to get tips on how to improve.
Here are my favorite pictures of Josh.  I was across the pool taking them and the last one he noticed me so he smiled.  He was pretty bummed at his race but it made for some awesome pictures.  Sorry Squash.
I don't know whether to title this one Clueless Coach or Tortured Soul.
Here's another one of Ben getting ready to swim.

Here is my other favorite one of Sophie.  You can see her eyelashes.  This one is on the living room wall too.
Here's Ben doing the IM and Shayne coaching him on.

This is another one of my favorite pictures.  So much so that I blew it up and hung it on the wall of our living room.  This guy was from the local Nevada paper.
David, bless his little heart, swam his hardest.  He has come a LOOOONG way from the beginning of the season and I am very proud of his determination and fortitude.  

Here are everyone's results.  It was a great meet.  Fredonia ended up winning again.  No big surprise.  They always have the biggest team.  It seams like every single kid in that entire little city swims during the summer. 

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