Sunday, December 29, 2013

1st home meet!

First home meet!  This year the Scoresby boys decided to join the team.  They really enjoy it and are actually pretty good. 

Here is the team doing their cheer.

Here is Creed and some of the other PVHS kids.  They are a funny group.  All different and unique and all BFF's.  Swimmers make up their own family.  If you are on the team then you are accepted.  It is the best sport just for that reason alone.

Here is Sophie's relay team.  And a picture of the "kiss the caps" tradition.  You kiss the caps in order of the how they swim.


Here are the 3 Amigo's second generation.

Here is a little of the back story of these two.  It all started with Shayne and Kyson.  Starting in 6th grade they had almost every class together at Fossil Ridge Intermediate School.  It was the first year that the school was even open.  They didn't really know anyone especially each other but because of the common classes and both being straight A students, they began to rely on each other to stay caught up on assignments and tasks.  I great friendship was formed and they have relied on each other to get through a lot of things.  Well, when Sophie and Kashton were in 6th grade they found out that they too had many classes together.  They knew who the other one was but hadn't really talked much but because they too are straight A students a bond was quickly formed.  You will never see one of them racing without the other one at the end of the pool cheering them on.
Here is Sophie getting ready for her 100 Free

Sophie's relay

Sophie's Backstroke

 See Kashton?  Always within cheering distance.

 Here is Kashston diving in.   He needs to stretch out more but Sophie says that coach Josh tells them not to.  I think the farther you jump out the less you have to swim.  Right?  You know me...the expert swimmer.

 Here's Sophie cheering him on.

 And whistling.  They (Shayne too) get this fingers in your mouth, ear drum breaking whistle from their Grandma and Grandpa Shelton. 

 Screaming on the finish.

Fist Bump!


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