Sunday, December 15, 2013

Washington 5th Ward Christmas breakfast!

Woo Hoo!  It's a breakfast!  I love it.  it doesn't interfere with night time obligations.  Like work parties, band concerts, etc...  I also love that people can wear their jammies if they want to and don't have to get all fanicified.  Santa also gets to come and last year we had a night time party and Santa was to busy to come.  It was sad.  I got to help out with the hashbrowns.  Look at that Thatsa Bowl!  It's full!

Here are some of my favorite people.  But Riley wasn't too happy about getting her picture taken.  Look at her face!  Hahaha!

Poor Abby wasn't doing to good either.  It must have been the stress of trying to be good for Santa.

Here are some of the Cluff boys.  Look at how big that baby is!

Here are more of my favorite people.  I told them that this picture was for Shayne so they were happy to take it.

And the Bishop's boys with Santa.  Sophie was still in Park City at a Swim Meet.  Best Santa in the whole ward.

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