Sunday, December 8, 2013

I MUSTACHE you a question...

November is known as Movember (the M is for Mustache) or No shave November to help raise awareness for prostate cancer.  A lot of men don't shave for the month or grow and amazing mustache so that people ask them why.  Prostate Cancer has hit our family pretty hard over this last 2 years.  Both my dad and Joel's got it.  They both had it removed and were totally fine, thank goodness.  We have been blessed for today's technology and great dr.'s who know what to do.  Out of all of my brothers Brad has got to be the hairiest.  Or maybe it's that he shows it more.  I'm not sure.  But I do know that he is a super big fan of Movember.

 Here is the latest and greatest.

 When they were up for Thanksgiving he brought some with him and the kids LOVED it!

Everyone got to pick out the mustache they wanted and then he took a picture with them.  He has some great pictures of all of them.  I need him to email them to me so I can add them on.  Mine was awesome!

 It was so much fun.  We tease that he is naming his kids Henry so we can call him Harry because he is bound to take after Brad.

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