Sunday, December 22, 2013

Christmas Block Party with Planet 94.1

Let me start off by saying that I enter contests that I see or hear about on the radio because they sound like fun or it can help out someone I know I don't just enter everyone I see.  I have won my share of awesome things though, like a couple years ago I entered a Contest for a $500 gift card to Big O Tires because our neighbors car kept on dieing and her boss said that if she misses work once more she was fired.  To make a long story short I won and the radio station came over to her house and gave it to her on the air!  It was awesome to see her face.  She was able to get her car fixed and registered.  It made my whole Christmas!  So this year when I heard that Planet 94.1 was giving away a Block Party, I knew I had to enter.  How cool would that be to win it?  We have the perfect street to have one on and have been wanting to do it for a long time.  So about 3 weeks ago I entered.  You had to write and essay on why your neighborhood deserves a block party.  Our neighborhood, mainly Bulloch Street, used to have a lot of sketchy people living on it and the cops were a common thing here.  When we were looking for a place to live Bulloch was NOT on my list of places to even look.  But when you turn you life over to the Lord and he says to do something, then you do it.  No questions asked.  So here we are and so are 7 other new families on Bulloch Street.  The sketchy moved out and we all moved in.  Now there are 20+ wonderful kids that play together and the neighborhood is now a safe, awesome place to live!  So that is basically what I said in my essay and they picked me!!!  I had entered it so long ago that I had forgotten about it completely.  So when I got a text from Joel while I was at work that said, "Are you hosting a block party with 94.1 radio on Thursday?"  I freaked out and replied, "Holy Crap!  Did I win?"  He continued to tell me that one of our friends had heard it announced on the radio station on her way to work.  Then Megin said that she heard it too but didn't know if it was me or not.  So we called the station and sure enough I had won!  Cool huh?  Their promotional director called and asked how many people I thought would be there and I told her 150.  Joel counted around 140 people that actually came.  They said that they would bring Santa, a hot cocoa bar and play Christmas music.  Well, it was WAAAYYY better than just that.  They brought 2 bounce houses, a popcorn machine and bubble machine and they put numbers on the ground for a cake walk.  Which they did a lot of and everyone once in awhile they'd do a money walk and give out a dollar bill to an adult or a quarter to a kid.  It was AWESOME!  Santa was there and I took a picture of just about everyone that showed up.  Bonna Grody is our little old neighbor.  They put the speakers right up in front of her house and I was afraid that she'd be mad.  But she joined in the fun, sat on Santa's lap and even did the cake walk.  It went from 4-6pm and near the end she was bringing out coats for the little kids because they sun had set and it was getting cold.  I was so glad that she had fun.  We had a lot of non members show up.  It was great to see Joel pounce on each and everyone that he saw.  He was like a kid in a candy store.  It was so fun to watch him.  I was on cloud nine from the 3-10pm.  It was so great.  I can hardly put it in words how much fun it was.  Chris and LaRae from the radio station really hosted the entire thing.  Chris was on his microphone the entire time doing the cake walk and talking to everyone and LaRae manned the hot cocoa booth.  It was a night to remember.  It was Jalee's birthday so we even sang happy birthday to her.  Here are the million pictures I took. 

Joel made this flier up to pass out to the neighbors.  I think he was more excited than I was, if that's possible.

 Porter Anderson, Wendy and Joseph's son.
Jessie and Hunter Alldredge
 Austin Alldredge and Sterling Scoresby

 LaRae and the Roberts Family


 Logan Scoresby

 Matty and Evan

Emily and George

JoEllen and Kyle

 Brooke and Colby Schimbeck

 Alex Rodriguez's little sister and Dad.

 Alex and his cousin

                                                                                                       Lilly Leslie

 Grandma and John

 Alex and Mary

 Kali and Mandy

 Brynlee, Hunter and Afton

                                                                             Brother Schwiermann!

Jalee getting sung Happy Birthday to.

Lilly and Jen DeMille

 Nick and Quinton Soli

 Dennis and Bethany Soli

 JALEE and Owen being Owen

 Gwennie and Layla
 Josh and his little brother, Brycen, that Sophie has been hanging out with.  They say nothing is going on but even Santa asked Brycen if Sophie was his girlfriend.


ME and Joel!!!  My face seriously looked like that all night.

Ben and David.  Ben isn't getting anything from Santa unless he can pull out a miracle and be super good in the next 2 days.  He's already had a couple presents taken away.  We'll just save them for his birthday.

 Squash and Sophie.


Tavien and Myka
Lilly Leslie

Miles, Heidi and the twins, Piper and Paige

Josh Hailey with my Josh and Riley Allen.  He doesn't like his picture taken.

The only reason I could get Josh to even take this one was because I said it was for Shayne.

 Dausi LaForge and Lishelle Gummow.  Some of my Young Women.
Aspen Mitchell and Dakota Stewart.  More of my girls.

 Kaylee Allen and a group shot with Jessie. 
This is Braxton and his little sister.  They live down on the corner.  Braxton has taken the missionary discussion and wants to be baptized.

 Colby Robinson and the Taylor sisters that moved into the house down on the other corner near the church.

 This is Bonna and the lady from across the street from her and Kalynn Peterson.
 And here I am with Santa, LaRae and Chris.  It was a night we'll always remember.  Ben asked Chris if we could make it a tradition and do it every year.  He said that someone else will have to nominate our neighborhood next year.  I can guarantee that they will.  Everyone is planning on it.

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