Sunday, December 15, 2013

SNOW DAY #2!!!

The snow continued to fall after the Expedition ended at 2pm.  There was a dinner for the participants of the race later that night at 7.  But by then we had 8 inches of snow on our trampoline!!!  It was AMAZING!  We thought that the little snow we got the week before was good.  Boy were we wrong.  There was a Weather Storm Warning and they said that it was supposed to continue to dump another 4" by 10am.  An hour before that Joel and I drove down the street to Dominoes to get pizza and there were already a couple accidents.  A half an hour later, when we left, the snow was already piled up on our van again and we slid all the way home.  At one point I didn't know if we were going to make it up the hill.  At 8pm the city had called an Emergency Action Situation and said that  no one was to drive anywhere unless it was an emergency.  Apparently they had more accidents then they had cops, ambulances and tow trucks.  So we stayed home and didn't go to the post race dinner.  There is no way we would have made it clear over to the Dixie Center when we couldn't even drive in our own neighborhood.

This was our roof top 

This was from the Scott's house.  Our trees still had leaves on them.  But don't they look gorgeous flocked!
This is the snow fort Josh built.  It was a lot bigger than the picture shows.

 This is the picture out of my bedroom door the next morning.  Look at how much snow was on our tree branches!

 Here's something you never see in Southern Utah

 And the icicles were amazing!  I have NEVER seen icicles that weren't man made down here.  They were everywhere!  My kids loved them and loved trying to break them off and stab each other with them.

I have to say that I have prayed for snow like this every single year and am thrilled that it finally came.  By this time we were hearing of Stakes cancelling church the next day and Joel began calling our stake presidency to see if we were going to do the same thing but not a single one of them would answer the phone.  I was on Facebook trying to answer everyone's questions on our ward site and Joel got sick of waiting and went with the kids over to the elementary to play in the snow.  About 2 minutes later President Koeven called and said that they were indeed going to cancel due to the city's request for everyone to stay inside and for the safety of all.  WOO HOO!  A snow day from church!!!!  That NEVER happens!  So the next morning we went with Brian and John's families and went sledding!  Actual good old sledding!  Behind Foremaster Hill is a place that is usually populated with Jeep's 4 wheeling but was now covered with sledders!  It was so much fun.  Everyone was careful and because of that we were able to have a good time and make great memories.  I held my breath a couple times when people went down for fear of them crashing.  I still have PTSD from Sophie's accident years ago.  But we had so much fun for 2 whole hours and the kids were exhausted after we got back home.  Later that night we had FHE at Brian's home with all the Beckstrand's.  It was an overall great day and a rare opportunity for our kids to spend an entire Sunday with their Dad.  Look at all of the snow!!!  The hills were covered!!!

Here is Josh getting AIR!

 This is Luke.  He was a daredevil.  He went down more times than anyone else and he loved every second.

                        Ben after a crash

John and Mary.  She went down almost as many times as Luke.

 Josh going down backwards...not on purpose.

                 Emma and Mary                     


              Kristal and Kali


 David.  It took him about an hour to warm up to the idea of even going down the hill.  But once he did then he never stopped.

 Sophie waiting her turn.


Josh and Luke heading back up.

 Alex and Kai.


Brian.  This sled was by far the funnest and fastest sled.  Everyone wanted to use it because you could steer it and believe it or not no one crashed on it.  We had 2 sleds that Eric gave us a couple years ago and Brain and Holly had this one and a couple toboggans.  John and Kristal had a couple everyone could take turns and no one had to wait very long to go down.

                                                                                       Ben pushing Sophie and David.


 Sophie and Ben

Here is Sophie and Kai.  They started out great but crashed at the end.

This is Josh after he got into another snowball fight with Brian.

Here are Alex and Kai.

 Luke getting in one last run of the day.  He is the cutest little kid.

 Kai and Josh were the last 2 people on the hill.  Josh said he'd take the sled up for Kai but did it just so he could get one last ride down.

Look at their faces!  I love it!  They will remember this day forever!

 Washington County owns 2 snowplow and 1 of them is out at the airport where, by law, it cannot leave the premises and the other plow is usually in Pine Valley.  Hence the reason for the snow day.  But, UDOT sent plows from up north to come plow us out so everyone could go to school and work the next day.  It was cool to see them go  up and over Foremaster about 6 times.

Here we are leaving the hill after 2 hours of fun.  Everyone was tired and happy.  
The perfect way to be.  Look how deep the snow is!!!

 Brain's house.  The lights that are on the roof are covered with snow and they were glowing. 
 It looked awesome!

Another icicle!

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