Sunday, December 15, 2013

Christmas Concert

 This year ALL of the Pine View bands got together for one huge Christmas Concert.  It was great.  We got it all over with in 1 night!  The first 2 bands were the Fossil Ridge Beginner and Intermediate bands then the middle school Jazz band and then PVMS 8th grade and the High School Jazz Band (which I love).  Then the Middle School 9th grade band and then finally Sophie and the PHVS band.  Every band played 3 songs and they went from the worst to the best.  It was fun to see the transformation.  I wish we could have seen Josh.  He was sitting back in the back were we couldn't get a shot of him.  The very last number was with all of the band students from all of the schools.  Well, those who stuck around that long.  It was an amazing version of Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas. 

 For the final song Mr. Candland had to stand on this platform so everyone could see him.

So as far as flutists go these 2 girls on the right of  Sophie are the only 2 that are better than her and the Japanese girl (Momoko) goes back home right before Christmas.  And the girl between them is graduating early so that leaves Sophie to carry the flutes.  Very exciting time.  Mr. Candland has high hopes.

Do you like the way I put these two last pictures?  I do.

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