Sunday, December 8, 2013


WooHoo!!!  It snowed!  Here is the first snowball of the year!  We love to see the snow and we got a good 4 inches on Wednesday Dec. 4th.  We had excellent weather up in Lehi and usually it snows while we are up there but this year was the opposite.  We came home and it snowed.  It started around 10pm and of course I let me kids stay up until midnight to play in it.  A lot of people woke their kids up to see it.  The next day it was to much fun to have to go to school.  Going to school on a day like this would be a shame.  So we let the kids decide if they wanted to go or not.  Only Sophie went.  She's the socialite.  The boys stayed and so did half of the neighborhood.  They all came over here and had fun.  They made snowmen, had hot chocolate, went sledding and enjoyed every minutes of it.  This is the first snowball of the season.

 Paula Allen took all of the boys to the park and they had a lot of fun in the snow.  

They used their snowday to it's fullest potential and made some great memories.

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