Saturday, December 7, 2013

Ashley's Shower

After Jenna's baptism we had a baby shower for Ashley and baby Henry.  Brad is currently working on changing the Innoventions Center in Disneyland into the Marvel Comics Center.  Eventually They will take out Auto Topia and put Marvel rides in too. But for now Brad is doing all things Super Hero.  So we figured that would be a perfect theme for his son's baby shower.  For refreshments we made white chocolate covered poporn with sixlets in it wrapped in a comic book page for a cone.

 JoEllen made this SUPER cute diaper cake.  It took over 90 diapers to make.  Then she decorated it with the cutest little super heroes.  The red ribbons on the back are a cape.

 Jan changed the S on this little guys shirt to an H for Henry.  It is SUPER adorable!

 Jan made some gourmet cupcakes.  They were SUPER yummy!  If you look close you can see Ashley's belly in this picture.  If you click on the picture it will show it bigger.
The Northern Shelton girls made this SUPER cute banner that went over the fireplace and one that went into the front room.  Hey I just noticed that my family picture is right in the middle of everyone else.  Ahhh the perks of being the middle child.

Jan also made SUPER t-shirts for the 3 of them.  Henry's is the same on the front but on the back it says KABOOM!

 Ashley got a lot of fun things.  This little tub with Curious George and supplies is what Shayne, Sophie and I gave her.  (Just so you know, Shayne)

We are so excited for Henry to get here.  Ashley is due the first part of Feb.  The Shelton's are hoping she comes early because we do not have a single birthday in the month of January.  But the Potters are hoping for February for the same reason.  But we all just want him to be healthy so we will get him when we get him.

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Ashley Shelton said...

It was SUCH a fun and cute shower! Every detail was perfect!