Sunday, February 23, 2014

Baby Henry!

On Feb 6th Ashley was due with baby #1.  Feb 7th it was their 5th Anniversary.  A week before, Brad had us all call in our guesses of what day he'd be born and how big he'd be.  Well, Sloan and Ben had the 10th covered so I said the 9th because I figured he'd want his own birthday like David did.  But nope, Henry was born around 3:30am on Feb 12th.  Juanelle's birthday!

He only weighed in at 8 pounds 3 ounces.  Which is big but we all thought he'd be much bigger because he was late and because of how big Ashley got.  Don't take that the wrong way Ash but we thought that since you were so tall that you'd barely look 6 months along when you had him.  The little stinker must have been sticking straight out instead of up and down.  Ashley also had him all natural!  What a woman!  You couldn't pay me to EVER do that.  When Henry was born they found that her amniotic fluid was thicker than most and that he had a fever.  So they put him in the NICU for 48 hours to give him antibiotics and to watch him.  It was sad for them but great for us!  St. Jude's Hospital has a webcam by every babies bed so the parents can watch him while he's in there.  Also so everyone else can watch from wherever they are in the world!

This is how the computer looked.  Don't tell Brad but I called the number on the bottom a couple of times to have the IT guy fix the camera because it was off a little.

It was an amazing  program.  We could see them hold him and watch him all day if we wanted.  In fact the ladies at my work designated a computer for what they dubbed, "Baby Watch 2014."  It was on the entire time we were there.  We showed every patient and didn't get any work done while he was awake.

Here are more pictures.



 He is so dang cute!

JoEllen posted this picture on Facebook of Evan doing his homework with baby Henry because he didn't want to stop looking at him.  So we got the idea to take pictures of where people are when they are watching him.  Sophie was up at BYU at State Swim Team in her hotel room

 I was of course at work.

 We also went to a Dixie State University basketball game where we took Henry with us so we could watch him while we were there.

  The best was that I emailed Sister Tall in the Mission office and asked if she could pass on the good news about a new cousin on to Shayne and also asked if it would be OK for her to get on the web site to see him.  She instantly emailed me back and said that would be great and then called Shayne.  Shayne went to the nearest library to pay to get on the computer and he wasn't there.  So she texted me and I called Brad.  Ashley was feed him and she would have to try later at lunch time.  So, she did and he was gone again.  She had a dinner appointment at Nykells that night.  Coincident?  Nope.   Shayne told her about her trying to see him and Nykell knew exactly how she felt since her twins were in the NICU for awhile.   She grabbed her laptop, hooked it to her TV and sure enough up came the cutest little baby sleeping peacefully.  Nykell took a picture of Sister Kim and Shayne and as soon as Shayne got home she cropped it to see if Henry looked like her.

Isn't technology crazy?  Shayne got to see Henry from the other side of the Earth.  I love it!

The next morning while I was at work, we noticed everyone around the camera and Ashley trying to feed Henry a bottle.  Ashley's mom was there and it looked like they were getting ready to take him home.  So I sent a text to Brad and sure enough they were on their way out.   Sad for us but happy for them.

Then I got a text that said, "Look at the screen."  And this is hat I saw...

They are all home safe and sound now.  I wish Brad would set up a webcam there because next time we see him he'll be crawling!  Welcome to the world Henry David Shelton!

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