Sunday, February 16, 2014

Basketball Season! Lakers and Mavericks

This is the first year that Ben and David actually played City League basketball.  David wasn't old enough before and Ben just didn't want to but this year they both thought they'd give it a try.  I have signed them up for the 3 day camp during the summers so they can at least get some fundamentals learned but I do not want them to LOVE the game.  I think the David would be fine if he actually played ball when he got older but Ben is already like the Beckstrand Boys and loosing his temper at the littlest thing.  So we tried this year out to see how they'd do.  Joel coached Ben's team and they both seemed to like spending the time together more than actually playing the game.  YES!  I loved that.  David had a great time because he played with all of his friends.

David was on the Jensen's team again.  We were so glad.  Mike and Josh are so good at teaching little boys how to play every sport.  And the boys love them.  So it works out nicely.   They were the Mavericks.

When it comes to the team names, as a coach you don't get to choose, you just get whatever name they give you.  But Joel was excited to find out that they were supposed to be the Cavaliers but since the lady in charge knows Joel and Brain and their love of the Lakers she changed their team to the Lakers.  Joel wore his Lakers shirt to every game and the boys thought it was awesome.Megin and Kayleigh came once to watch the boys.  JoEllen and her kids and Grandma and Grandpa Beckstrand came to support them also.  We are blessed with such great family and friends.

 He even got to shoot a couple free throws.

They both liked it a lot but neither one LOVED it.  Soccer starts in 2 weeks and Ben is now telling us that he wants to play little league baseball.  Well, see what happens because as soon as I tell them that RUGBY starts in May they'll want to drop everything and start doing it.

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