Sunday, February 16, 2014

Bishop's Youth Firesides

The last Sunday of every month Joel has the youth, and whatever leaders want to, come over to our house for a fireside.  It is an hour where he comes up with a topic and either they all talk about it or just he talks or we play a game.  No matter what we do we want it to be a place where the kids can come in their pajamas if they want to and feel the spirit outside of church.  It has been really fun.  We average 30 people each time and Sarah Miller usually brings a treat and I provide 3 gallons of milk which are all gone is about 5 minutes.
In this picture we were watching a video of Elder Bednar's conference about how strong the youth are today.  The youth in our ward LOVE Joel.  What's not to love?  He wants them to be able to trust him and to trust in the Lord for everything.  We have a great bunch of kids.  I just wish our living room was bigger so we aren't so crowded.  But luckily the Lord doesn't care what my house is like and neither do the Youth.  That's probably why I love them all so much!

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