Sunday, February 9, 2014

New Beginnings!

This year we will get 4 new Beehives!  Gabby Miller this week, Hunter Aldredge next week and Gwennie and Bethany Soli later in the year.  Our theme was super hero'ed.  The girls did a skit and each value had a super girl for it.  It was Super cute.  We are going to use it for girls camp too.  Then we had Jalee welcome the new girls and give an overview of the Personal Progress Program.  Then Jen DeMille talked and Brother Howells gave the closing remarks.  It was SUPER good.  We had SUPER good refreshments afterwards.

Katie was Choice and Accountability and she acted out her part perfectly.

Sophie was Good Works girl!  I wish I remembered the rest of the names.  
I will have to track the skit down so I will remember it.

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