Saturday, February 22, 2014

St. George Half and the Road Rage Dualthlon

I am about a month behind on my blog so the next couple posts are not going to be recent things.  For example...Jan 18th was the St. George Half Marathon.  We didn't get to see Joel run it because we had Ben and David's basketball games and Sophie had a swim meet.  Luckily all three were at the Washington Rec Center.  I didn't get to see the games because I am head timer for all of the Home Meets which means I am in charge of getting 18 timers and making sure they start all of the stopwatches each and every time.  I start 2 every time so if they do have a problem then I can run one of mine down to them.  After the swim meet was over we rushed down to the Dixie Center to see if we could at least see him finish but he was already done.  So were all of the Beckstrand Clan.  Brian ran and so did John, Kristal, Emma and Alex.  John and Alex came in under 2 hours and then Emma and then Kristal.  They all were within minutes of each other.  I think the only other kid that might run with Joel will be Josh.  The rest will just to 5K's once in awhile with me.
Joel ran in his Broncos jersey because it was also Super Bowl weekend and the Bronco's were playing the Seattle Seahawks.  

Then on Feb 8th Joel and Josh did the Dualthlon which was Run, Bike, Run.  They had the choice to either do the Sprint, which was 1.5 miles, 10 miles and then another 1.5.  But they chose to do the regular one that was a 3, 20, 3!  It was right in the parking lot of my work and was a perfect location for us because we just went into the Medical Center and the kids played on the computers and pushed each other around on the rolling stools and came out every 45 minutes to see them transition.  They both did an amazing job!  Josh came in first in his age group and Joel stayed with him the entire tima and still came in 8th in his age group.

Here is the pre-race set up.

Mark. Set. Go!

This is them on the first loop of the bike after they had done 10 miles.
                           And headed back out for the next 10.                                    

This is them done with the bike and headed to transition to run the last 3 miles. 

Josh got done first and took off running knowing that Joel would catch up.

Here they are coming back to finish!!!

Joel ranked 8th in Men 40-44 and 32 overall and Josh ranked 1st in his age group 11-14 and 32 overall!  Really super good for doing the Olympic distance on the first time ever even trying this event.  We were really excited and proud of them.  Josh said the next day that he didn't even hurt.  I hurt just watching them.

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