Sunday, February 23, 2014

Region and State Swim 2014

This Season went by fast.  Our school had a bunch of away meets and then the last 4 and Region where all at home.  I am always the head timer for the home meets.  Dani never has to worry about the timers if I am in charge and she likes it that way.  She has enough to worry about.  Sophie ended up having a great year.  This was her blog post after Region, "I dropped 5 seconds in my 200 free and 4 seconds in 100 back! Swam in the 4x100 relay and we dropped 3 seconds and in the 200 medley relay and dropped 5 seconds!! Proud of my team for giving it their all this meet."  

This is the PVHS A-Relay.  Allie Watt, Sophie, Taylor Hancock (look how skinny she is!) and Courtney Honeycutt.  Such good girls.  They are the best of the best.

 This picture is of the past present and future all rolled into one.  Shayne's past, our present and Sophie's future summer bosses, Ben and Skyler.  We love them.

Here is the Freestyle Relay with Leighton Ipson, Sophie, Caitlyn Litson, and Hannah Spenlove that goes to Tuacahn but lives in Pine View territory.


 First place.  Lane 7.  Sophie Beckstrand.

 Swimming is mostly about the friends you make.  The new family you belong to be the end of the season.  People that will always be a part of your life even when swimming isn't involved because they are good people who love you for you. 

Always whistling for someone.  Even while on the blocks waiting to dive in.

Good friends...good times.  Hey wait a sec.  That's a great slogan for next years t-shirts. 
 Good friends, good times on the board.  Get it!  Hahaha!

 Sophie qualified to go to State in the girls Medley Relay.  So, it was these 4 again:

 The girls with Creed. 

 This is Pine View's entire team except for Kobe and Kashton, Macks and Irie.  The boys other relay team.

Maddie Wawrzyniak and Courtney Honeycutt

 Nachelle Hunt who swam with Shayne when she was little and broke her arm but swam faster with a cast on.  And Rachel Douglas from Hurricane.

Creed Neilson and Coach Dani

Logan and Baby Henry.

The entire Trident Team!

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