Sunday, February 9, 2014

MLK Day = Fun in the park.

 On Martin Luther King Day we all had work and school off and the weather couldn't have been nicer.  We decided to meet the Wells at Hidden Valley Park.  As we drove up the parking lot was jam packed but the park is so HUGE that it didn't seem like that many people where really there.  We played volleyball and badmitten.  It was fun.  Ben's latest obsession in football so he takes one everywhere we go.  He and Joel played catch for awhile.  Matty had just gotten he tonsils out and this was the first day that she felt like doing anything.  Later that day she paid for it and ended up back in the hospital getter her throat cauterized.  But at the park she had fun.  She and Emily had a great time tackling Josh.

 Here is Sophie striking a pose.  She's a ham.  
You can see JoEllen and George in the background on the blanket.

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