Wednesday, March 4, 2015

5th Ward Ice Skating Party!

So before the ward split Sarah had planned a combined activity for all o us to go up to Cedar to go skating.  So we went.  We took the new YW presidency and all of the new kids that wanted to go and had the best time ever.  It took some a little longer to get a hold of it than others but by the time we were through even the worst skater was asking when we were coming again.
Sterling Scoresby

Miles Gilmore was a natural but Lawson Monnett was haing a hard time.  His big brother Taylor helped him.
Traxton Turek was crazy out of control but got better by the end.  I think he spent the most time on the ground but that's because he has no fear.
Jacob Larsen was skeptical at first too but liked it too.

Cassidy Robinson and Riley Allen were great so they were taking a break in this picture.
 Gwennie Scott

Bethany Soli

Tolbert and Victoria Robins had fun skating around together.

Jen DeMille and Kaylee Allen were pro's.

Kaylee even helped Skylar Scott out because he took a hard fall right on his elbow that he had broken last year so, he was weary of skating after that.

Here are some great falls.   Ben.



Skylar and Lishelle Gummow

 Kaylee helping out Lishelle.

 David was excited to go ice skating again because now he was even better than before.  He was even skating backwards now!

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