Tuesday, March 24, 2015


That whole weekend we cold and wet but Monday morning looked like this...

So, of course we let the kids stay home from school and have a SNOW DAY!  It was an early out day of school anyway and we believe in letting our kids make memories of as much fun in the snow as they possibly can since we only get it once a year and it is my favorite thing in the world. 

At lunch I went home to check on them and see what kind of creations they've made and boy was I excited to see what I had found.  A 14' Snowman!  All of the neighborhood boys went down to the soccer field below our house because there wasn't enough snow at our place.  They had created an entire field of fun!

 They had three snow forts and the snowman to watch over all of them and be the judge of who won the snowball fights.  It was AWESOME!

This fort above was the base of this awesome IGLOO!!!  Shayne worked on it for 6 hours.  It was crazy.  But with Kaden Dinsmore's help she got it done right at dusk.  We hurried and took some pictures before we had to run over to the Cluff's for a surprise birthday party for Katie.  On the way home we showed Joel, Sophie and Josh.  It was pretty dark but you could see how amazing it was.

You can see that they used ALL of the snow in a 100 foot radius.

 Cluff break.  Happy birthday Katie!

Here it is later.  You can see how tall it truly is inside.  Shayne is 5'7" and she is standing straight up.

Here's Sophie being weird.

Here's Ben making fun of Sophie being weird by being weirder.

This is a view from the inside looking out.

This was an amazing piece of architecture.  Shayne should be very proud of herself.  It was really warm in there too.  Josh though about sleeping in there but decided not to since it was on the city property instead of ours.  Which ended up being a good thing because...

This is what it ended up looking like in the morning.  We figured some kids on the way to school kicked it in.  Why do they have to wreck things?  Shayne made it so that all the kids in the neighborhood could play in it.  Stinking kids!  Then later on in the afternoon we heard that the city department came over and tore it down completely because they were afraid that it would be in the way for soccer on Saturday!  5 days later!  So dumb.  What a waste of our tax dollars!

Oh well,  we decided that we are going to go down to the soccer field every time it snows and make a huge snow battle field and igloo.  Making memories is what we're all about.

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