Sunday, March 1, 2015


This year Joel coached Ben's team again and David was coached by someone new.  Last year it was the Jensen's but this guys son was on the team and he couldn't help but yell and scream from the stands at every game.  He has Beckstrand Basketballitis.  Where no one is right but him and the ref's all need to be fired.  But, he has it worse than they do.  Keep in mind that the boys are 8 years old when I tell you this part and you will understand.  At the first practice he told the boys that more than likely he will be kicked out of at least one game and when he does then the Jensen's will take over for that game.  Nothing like planning ahead!  Luckily he never was kicked out but was warned at three of the games that he needed to stop or else he would have to leave.  David's team was a really good team and won almost all of their games.  But, David came to me after their first loss mad and crying and said that he didn't want to play ever again because no one was doing anything right.  That was the end of that.  I had warned both Ben and David that as soon as I heard any bad sportsmanship they were done for the season.   He had a good talking to and I was ready to wring his little neck.  That same day Ben's team had lost by 20 points and a kid on Ben's team said, "It's a good thing we're having so much fun otherwise we would probably care that we were loosing".  THAT'S IT!  That's how it's supposed to be!  How did that mom do it?  How did she teach that to her child?  I wanted to hunt her down and ask her but I was almost in tears when I heard it. 

These kids are playing city league to LEARN how to play ball.  NOT to win a championship that they will probably not even remember.  They don't get a trophy or even a ribbon if they win.  I do not want them learning that yelling and screaming about not getting your way is alright.  I want to coach to teach them the fundamentals, how to have fun and how to help others have fun.

After our talk we decided that he would get one more shot.  He could play one game at a time and if I didn't see him pass it to the kids that never got the ball and if he didn't smile and tell everyone good job then that was his last game.  So we took it one game at a time.  It was hard for him.  It was hard to hear the coach yell and scream while he was trying to smile and tell everyone good job.  I'm pretty sure that he was glad when the season ended.  We sat down again after it was all over and talked about it again.  We talked about how really talented he truly is in basketball but that just because you are good at something doesn't mean you should do it if it doesn't bring the spirit or help someone else in someway.  So next year we are taking a much needed basketball break. 

The day after the season was over I got a text from David's coach.  It was an apology stating that he was sorry that he over reacted and was a bad example to the boys.  "Really?  A little late for that isn't?"  Is what I wanted to text back but I didn't.  I didn't reply.  I just thought that it was good that he at least recognized what had happened.  Really the only thing I can do is teach my child what is right and keep him away from bad influences.  At some point he will be on his own and will need to make his own decisions.  Then all I can do is pray.

All of these pictures are of different games.  There is no order.  David is my ball handler, defensive player.  

A good little lay-up.

 I was amazed to see him dribble with both hands. I can hardly do that.  Right here he sees this guy coming so he switches to the outside so he doesn't steal the ball.  I'm pretty sure his coach didn't teach him that.  These boys are still getting the idea of not double dribbling.

Always looking for a good opportunity to steal.


 He started doing this thing with his tongue where he curls it when he has the ball.  It was pretty cute.

 A loose ball!

 Again,  who taught him to hold the ball like that?  None of the other kids do?

He's ready to block out.  I don't think Ben knows what that is and maybe David doesn't know what that is but he did it and did it time and time again.


 Ben is my Baller.  He reminds me of Brian, and not just on the basketball court.  In his everyday activities. I see him do things and I just laugh because I've actually seen Brian do them before, especially when he was younger.  FYI - Ben is great at free throws.

A nice pick was set for him.  Something they were taught by their coach.  Best coach in the WORLD!  These kids are in 5th grade and get the concept of basketball.  They understand how to run plays and help each other out.  

This hook shot right here was beautiful!  Then he followed it right up with a lay up a minute later.

The one thing that Ben does do is play with his shirt.  I am constantly yelling at him to leave it alone.  Nervous habit I think.

 Both Free Throws were good!

This was one of the only games we won.

Here he is again shoot free throws.  Just like Brian...the more you shoot, the more you're going to get fouled.

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