Sunday, March 8, 2015

Swim Season

This year started out like every year, with Greg Fernly.  Except, this year Josh and Riley were swimming on the team!

Here's Sophie's Fly.

Here was there relay team:  Sophie, Ryan Smart, Alley Watt and Leighton Ipson. 

Washington Rec Center.  Warm ups.

Shayne's finger nails.  She was super excited to be coaching this year.

Josh getting ready to race in a relay.

Our buddy Kashton getting ready to do the 100 Breast Stroke.

Riley doing backstroke.

Josh doing Breaststroke.

4 x 100 relay.  Sophie lead off.

Boy 4 x 100 relay.

I love this picture.  You can see Josh swimming right through hole by Sophie.

This picture is in here because it is to show Josh how far he's come.  This is one of the ugliest flip turns ever.

Here is Josh's 500 Free. 

Here's his coach, Shayne, yelling at him.

His time was 7:21.98.  At Region his time was 7:04.49.

After each race the first thing you are supposed to do is go straight over to your coach. 

Here is Sophie closest to you and then Leighton in the black cap and Nickelle Turner putting on her white cap.  They always end up racing against each other in the 50 and 100 Free.

This was fun because we had both of our PV relay teams next to each other.  Riley and Josh were up on the block next to each other.

This was the Tri-dent Invitational.  12 schools from across that state came down to compete.  The Desert Hills Boys were a little excited.  It was a little disturbing. 

Here is Sophie cheering for Josh.

And Josh cheering on Sophie.

This is Darby Riley.  Darby lost her leg 5 years ago to cancer while she was in 5th grade at Washington Elementary.  She is right in between Sophie and Josh age wise.  We love her and her dedication to live and everything she tries.  She is a true inspiration.

She is a super fast swimmer too.  She was in one of Sophie's relay teams.  Here they are before they started with their traditional prayer and kissing of the caps.

Josh's backstroke.

This relay was Chandler West, Leighton, Sophie and Nikki.

Sophie got this bruise from Irie at practice.  He accidentally kicked her on a turn.

Here is Sophie's great start.

Here's Leighton's.  She needs to work on it.

Here are our boys.

Kaden Butterfield, Josh, Logan Scoresby, Jacob Beavens, and Kashton.

After Friday night's meet they had a big spaghetti dinner for our team, Wasatch, Skyline and Provo.

Saturday morning we started off with this great shot.  I call it coaches through a splash.

So we have our head coach Dani Caldwell with her assistants, Tyler Marsing, Andrew Sturgess and Shayne.

Here's John too.  He coaches for the Dixie/Snow Canyon team.

Here's the girls getting ready to race again.

Austin Spaulding was getting an ear full from Shayne in the picture.  Look at her face!  Look at Darby's face!

What was really happening was she was telling him that he needed to attack his stroke and shoot his arms forward.  But it was a really funny picture. 

At one point they were playing an awesome 80's song so all of us mom's that were timing started dancing.  I guess Joel had the camera.

These were from Region in Cedar.
Josh lane 3.

Josh finishing and Sophie starting.

Sophie swam so hard that she couldn't get up after.  That is a true sign that you gave it your all.
Sophie's relay team qualified for state and Josh went as an alternate.  Shayne of course was there as a coach and they all had a great time.  Shayne will blog about that next.  I'm so proud of all of them.

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