Monday, March 2, 2015

Locks Of Love - Again

Sophie's hair grows terribly fast.  So every year about this time she cuts it and donates it.  This is just a cute picture of how it looked curly one day and she even tied a little bow in it.

 We decided that after Prom she'd donate it because we really couldn't do a whole lot with her hair except a complete up do are leave it all down.  I love when I can do a million and one things with her hair and when it gets this length you can't do anything with it.  So over to Fantastic Sam's she and Shayne went.

Since it was so thick the lady had to section it off in order to cut it straight.

 Then she styled it and it was done.  30 seconds and a new do!  Sophie has always looked good with short hair.  Plus now a little girl can have a wig made because Sophie gave her hair to Locks of Love.

                  Before...straight and stringy.  But very healthy especially for a swimmer.                   

 After...short, sassy and full of life!  Very cute!

We measured and it cut her hair directly in half.  12" off with 12" left behind.  She could make herself a wig that looked exactly like what her hair looks like right this very moment.

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