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DOGTOWN!! 2-21-15

I was all ready to run this year and got a repository virus and luckily Shayne stepped up and filled in for me.  Joel, Brian, Josh, George, Laynee and Spencer ran the half marathon and JoEllen, Shayne, Sophie, Ben and David ran the 5K.  And it was a perfect day for a race down at the good Ol' Staheli Farms!

 The Half started out up at the Coral Canyon Harley Shop like always, an hour before the 5K did.  Here are some pictures that they race emailed to us.  Which was very nice of them to do.  It's fun to watch Geroge and Josh compete against each other.  George always wins but luckily they've been in different age groups so far.  That will end in May.

 Joel wasn't to far behind them, just a minute or two.

 Meanwhile, back at the farm, the rest of us were getting ready to run.  Well, except me.  I was getting ready to take pictures.

Dennis and Bethany Soli

  Emily and Matty got their faces painted.  They were really cute.

  Next thing we knew it was time.  They started the count down and they were off!
 I could see that they were going around the farm and up into the new neighborhood so I cut through the farm and went to take some pictures.  The cows weren't to happy about it.
  Of course Ben and David came up first.
 I was at the bottom of the hill and the photographer was up at the top and got some great pictures for me.

 Next came the girls.

 Katie Soli was running along.  Ben and David came running back down the hill.

After they passed me I waited and waited for the girls to come so I could take a picture of them but they were taking way to long to I started running back down through the farm to try to get to the finish line before the boys did.  Just as I started to run 4 turkeys started to chase me!  I hurried and stopped and took their picture which gave them enough time to look for food instead of try to kill me, then I took off running again.

Lucky for me they had another photographer at the finish line to get some shots there.  Otherwise I would only have  the one of them all done getting there medals.

They caught up to a friend of the family who talked to them for a little bit until I had a chance to get over to them.

 Great job guys!

 The a little while later JoEllen and Sophie came tearing around the corner trying to beat each other.  It was pretty funny.

 I'm pretty sure Sophie let JoEllen beat her to make her feel good.

Then two minutes came Shayne. Wonder Woman!  Thanks so much for taking over for me.  You are awesome!


While we waited for the 13.1 people to start finishing they had the little kids 1 mile fun run.  The Soli kids ran it and so did Brian and Holly's kids.  Here's Nick and then Kai.  The picture underneath is Luke and Taye. 

Then we heard the first girls were coming close so we ran over to see Laynee finish.  She took 1st in her age group and 4th overall in the women.  Spencer shocked us all by coming in just a few minutes later.  Laynee was a 1:29.29 and Spence was a 1:31.07.  It was awesome!
 Here are Laynee and Spencer and then Shana and Spencer.  Look at how proud Shana is!  I love these pictures.

 Don't forget to rehydrate.

Brian wasn't to far behind Spencer.


Josh and George came sprinting up next.

As soon as Josh could get around that girl he passed her and they finished together with the exact same time.

 These look like baseball cards.  Runners cards.

 I liked the Dogtown's pictures, However, where I was standing was the best place to take them.  Every one of them has that cool tree stump that says Staheli Farm on it. 

JoEllen was comparing the sizes of the two medals.  Apparently the Double Dog Dare medals were even bigger than the Half's.

Ben took 3rd in his age group and that did not sit well with David.  Ben ended up with his regular medal and a bronze one as well.  It's a good thing they are in different age groups too because usually David beats Ben and now Ben finally gets his own award.

 You can tell by David's awesome face that he's thrilled that Ben won and he didn't.  Ben's time was 28.05 and David's was 28.06 and he thought that's why he didn't win.  It took awhile for him to understand and calm down.  DRAMA!

 I tried to get a family picture but Kyle felt the need to photobomb.  Which was good.  Because he had just gotten there and wasn't in any other picture.

 David took 4th in his age group.

Ben took 3rd.

 George apparently was the only one in his age group to sign up.  So he took 1st.  Josh who got the exact same time of 1:50.00 took 10th in his age group.  George better sign up for as many races as he can before he turns 15 in May.  Because the next bracket is a hard one.  That's where all the high schoolers are.   Then Laynee came in 1st in her age group.  FUN STUFF!!!

 Sophie took 7th in her age group with a respectable 36.55.

I didn't get JoEllen's for some reason.  But the boys in her age group were: Spencer 5th, Brian 12th and Shawn took 17th.  John would have been in that category.  It's the toughest group to run in.

Shayne did not get a best time for me but did pretty good.  We took 12th.  Not bad at all.  If she would have ran it in her own age group she would have taken 8th. 

And last but not least, Joel.  He came in at 1:52.16.  Not his best but definitely not his worst.  It placed him at 14th.

It was a lot of fun.  We don't really do these for the competition or because we love to run.  Joel, George and Josh might but the rest of us hate it.  We do it to spend time together.  The fact that it's exercise and outside are two great bonuses. 

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