Sunday, March 1, 2015

New Years SNOW!

On Christmas Day we got a few little snow flakes that fell from the sky and I was thrilled.  We call that snow here in Southern Utah because if you can see it, then it must be so.  The ground never freezes so it never stays.  So we'll take any cute flurry we get.   BUT when we left Wells' house New Year Eve we found this...

                                                                                                       Woo Hoo!  Evan immediately rounded up all the snow he could get his hands on and made this cute little thing. 

When we got home we realized that it had snowed much more over here in Washington and was still coming down in big flakes.  Well, I'm sure that the boys had never prayed harder than they did that night for it ti stick because when we woke up it was still there.  Not much more but it still was enough to play in and that's all that mattered.  It also meant that if we got a little then Pine Valley got a lot!                      

Here is the Scott's house.  They were just coming out and Josh ran over.  The steam was coming off his shirt and it looked spooky.


Shayne and Sophie immediately started to make car art.  Cute huh?

Then I remembered the refrigerated boxes I had brought home from work to make snowmen out of and we hurried and made them so we'd look super cool.  And you know we did!

It was a bright sunny morning.  We knew the snow wouldn't last long.

                                                  These are my slipper treads.

   Josh loves to ride in the snow so he went and tried out his new Uni and it worked great.

David wanted so badly to make a snowman but this snow was as dry as powdered sugar.  He collected all the snow on the tramp and couldn't do a thing with it.

So he made a snow angel on the lawn instead.

So much fun!  It doesn't take a lot to please us.  Just a little white miracle.

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