Sunday, March 1, 2015

More Fun in the Pine Valley Snow

We had to go back up and see if the snow had melted off completely in Pine Valley yet or if there was still enough to play in so up we went.  Unfortunately all of the snow on the road was gone.  I know that sounds weird but that's where we sled.  So we hiked up a hill through the trees to see if we could make a place to sled.  It didn't really work out.

It was beautiful though.

JoEllen and Matty went into the neighbors yard to see if that would work any better.

It went pretty well.  She slid about 75 feet.

Then crashed.

 But had the biggest smile on her face!

And marched back up to do it again.

Then Kyle decided to try it.  I think this was probably a 5yr and under hill.

 Matty went again to show him how it's done.

 The big kids decided to give up on the sledding the snowball fights broke loose.  Joel started a snowman so they wouldn't start pelting him.  Genius.

It was mainly George, Josh and Ben doing their own fight and Sophie, McKay and Evan having one of their own. 


McKay was up with Mason and his Young Mens group.  They had spent the night doing some Scouting projects and left about a half an hour after we got there.  Just enough time to pelt Sophie with some snow.

 I managed to get hit right in the face.  It was lovely.  JoEllen and I saw that George and Josh start helping Joel with the snowman so we started too.

The snow in the sun was wet and kind of melted so it was great packing snow.  So we'd collect the sunny snow and bring it into the shade where they made the final resting spot for the  snowman.  It was amazing!  

We decorated him all up and then Joel went in and got Scott's hat.  If all those Christmas movies were real then that snowman would have come alive right at that very moment.  We all talked about the movie Jack Frost and said that Scott's spirit was definitely there.   We of course named him Scott and knew that he'd protect the cabin for us while we were away.  He was the best looking snowman I'd ever seen.

Sophie gave him big arms opened wide to hug all the grandkids.

She wanted her picture taken with him and Kyle just sat back and watched.

Next thing you knew...picture of the year.  I love this picture.

Then Sophie remembered that her Selfie Stick was in the car so we got everyone together for a family picture with Scott.  Then we put his hat back in the house where it was safe and sound, said our goodbyes to Scott and we left for the day.  Once again making a great memory.

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