Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Peck/Lucero Baseball

We love the Spring!  Because it means that cousins will be down for baseball tournaments.  This time Cinco and Jax were on the same team so we were able to spend time with Bob and Karen too.  The first day we were able to watch Shay coach Austin in one of his games at Dixie High School.  I took a couple pictures of Austin catching and then went over to find Uncle Ken and Aunt Barb.  After that I found Sam and Kennedy and sat next to them and we talked the rest of  the game and I didn't get any more pictures.  Which didn't matter much because I was trying out my new camera and the next day I was showing it to Karen and found a great new mode that took 90 pictures at a time.  Like still shots in a moving picture.  It was really cool.  But when I went to erase them I erased every single picture I had on my ENTIRE camera!!!  I was so mad.  I felt horrible when I heard that Austin's team lost his next game and was out of the tournament.  That meant I wasn't able to get any other pictures of him.  BUG!  Sorry Aust.  Next time I promise there will be more picture of you then anyone else.

Here's Jordyn.  She's not going to like this picture.

Here's Cinco up to the plate.  He has a ritual.  He always holds his hand up to the ref until he gets settled in.
He had a great hit.

Here he is trying to slide back to first base.

Here's Chaser.  He's such a cute kid.

He is a great hitter.  I don't remember seeing him strike out once.

Here he is sliding in safe to third.


Here's some pictures of Jax catching. 

I like this one, he looks like an owl.

I had to put this one in here because he's actually smiling.   He was probably just talking to someone but close enough!!  Jax never smiles showing his teeth and everyone always tells him too.  He's a handsome boy.  They all are.  Heck, they've got good jeans, what can I say?

Safe at home.

The fans!  Josh, Sophie, Anna and Shayne. 

There are a lot of pictures of this game because it was the final game for the championship.
Here's Cinco sitting on his bucket.
Both boys scoring at home.

       Here's Aunt Barb staying out of the sun like a good girl. 

Cinco fielding

Great hits from both boys.

And our favorite Miss Addy.

They won!  They took 1st place and should be very proud of it.

Good job guys!  We can't wait until the next tournament!

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