Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Ben's B-day #11

I need to buy some candles.

We invited the Wells family over for cake and ice cream on Monday the night before his birthday because we had the Blue and Gold banquet ON his birthday and that was going to take up the entire night so we had to choice really.  I am NOT a fan of Scouting.  Anyway, it was a quick light and blow because matches burn fast.  Mother of the Year strikes again!

The next morning he opened his presents that he picked out the night before when we went shopping.  He acted surprised.  But he was really happy because he got exactly what he wanted.   Clothes and Socks.  He's a DIVA!

Here's the 2 most important things he wanted: Smelly deodorant and new baseball pants.  I let he and Joel go pick those out at the store while I bought groceries.  They had just had the maturation program a couple weeks before at school together so, it was like watching a right of passage.  But he wanted to smell good for the ladies so they smelled every, single, one of them until they found a good one.

We did get him a couple fun things.   A movie, Star Wars pinball machine, boomerang (it really works!) and a cool game that we played over at JoEllen's house for New Years.

 Then that night we spent at the church.  Just like all the rest of the nights.  I felt bad.  The other moms felt sorry for him too.  But they did let him lead the Flag Ceremony and sang Happy Birthday to him.  He felt important and that's all that mattered.   Happy Birthday Ben!  We love you!

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