Thursday, March 5, 2015

Mr. PVHS 2015

Happy Valentine's Day.  That's when it was held.  Shayne, Sophie and Josh were all up at BYU for State Swim so it was just me and the boys.  This year Pine View High was raising money for Kade Andrews.
Kade is a 6 yr. old kindergarten student at Riverside Elementary.  He has Mitochondrial Disease which affects the mitochondria of the cells and prevents them from producing the energy necessary to do everyday activities.  Kade uses a walker to get around and is full of life, in spite of his condition.  Kade was not expected to live past the age of 3, but has proven doctors wrong for the last several years.  Kade goes to Burke Staheli's Elementary so he was there with about 20 of his teachers to run the 5K.  It was great to see all of the support.  Joel brought these 4 girls from Red Rock to run.  They did pretty good.

 Here are the pre-race pictures.  Brianna!

 Braxton's grandma works with Joel at Red Rock so he came and ran with Ben.

They had a great turn out seeing that half of the cross country team was up at the State Swim meet.

 The race consisted of two laps around the school.  When they past me the first time Daivid was in the lead.

Then Brianna

And Braxton and Ben

Joel was bringing up the rear.

 As they past by me going the other direction they were in the same order but I noticed Burke was right in front of David.

 On the start of the 2nd lap David had caught up to Burke and they were running together.

Joel wasn't far behind them. And now I know where Shayne and Ben get that tongue thing from.

Then Ben came around the corner all alone.  Braxton got a side ache because he wasn't use to running like these guys were so he stopped to walk.

  When I turned around to see who was coming up around the other side it was Joel in the lead!  Joel, Burke then David.

David tried so hard to stay up with them.  But with Joel and Burke's experience they were able to barely outrun youth.

Then came Ben.  He wasn't that far behind.  Probably a minute.  But waiting for this picture didn't give me enough time to run to the finish line to see those three finish.  I hear it was a full out sprint with Burke 1 second in front of Joel and David about 3 seconds later.  The timing on this race was not high tech so they were all off but they all said it was really close and fun.

 You can see Burke on the right with his hands on his hips and Joel left center with his hands on his face with David right behind him.  Fun stuff!

I did get to see Ben finish.  He did a great job!

Here they are all talking to Ray.  Ray head this up every year and this year, with the race and other things, they raised over $14,000 for Kade.  It was awesome!

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