Monday, March 2, 2015


Sophie's first Prom!  It was great fun because she was asked by Eli Sabatis and Abby was asked by Jade Bonner and Paula let her actually come down here and go to it with him.  I think it was the highlight of Sophie's life thus far.  One night when she got home from swim team she found this...

 We had about 3 huge garbage bags full of balloons.

  After Sophie popped all the balloons and got all the papers out she looked at them and said, "I think we're still missing some pieces."  Then I moved the 3 with the letters on them together and told her to read them and then she realized that she was having a "blonde" moment.  It was pretty funny. 

 So this is the masterpiece of a hairdo that we came up with.  We thought we didn't have much time and I was also helping Abby curl her hair because he'd never used a curling iron before and she didn't want to burn herself.  She usually uses a straight iron to curl her hair but she wanted it curlier.  So, I put JoEllen and Shayne in charge of Sophie's hair.  I showed them what I wanted them to do and then went in the other room to help Abby.  With Sophie, we didn't want her hair to be prim and proper.  We wanted it kind of wild because Eli plays in a band and is kinda wild.  We wanted it to be fun.  And it was.

The girls got ready in record time.  They were told that they would be by to pick them up at 4:45.
  So we were all ready at 4:45.  But the boys were late so we took some pictures.

 Sophie's heels were AWESOME!  Tall and Silver and Rhinestoned!  We bought them and the dress at Deb in the mall.  Deb is going out of business nation wide.  So we went in and bought a 3 dresses, a couple pairs of shoes and a sweatshirt all for the price of one of the dresses at regular cost.  She said that she wore the heels all night without any problems.  Abby on the other hand had to take hers off a couple of times and still got blisters.
 I love this picture.  I love that it gave me a look into the future of one of their weddings and them taking a selfie together all dressed up ready to show the world how gorgeous they look on that special day. 

 With the heels on it was the first and only time Sophie was taller than Shayne.

 I snapped this picture of her by her baptism photo.  She's come a long way in the last 8 years.

 I love these girls!!!  I think that without her glasses Abby looks just like Grandma did when she was that age.

This is JoEllen giving away her beauty secret.  Colored gloss.

 About 15 minutes had passed and still no boys so out to the lawn we went to get more photo's. 
 These started out OK until their heels started to sink into the lawn.  Then the giggling started and there was no turning back.


 Finally at 5:15!!!  The boys showed up.  They looked great.  It took a minute for the girls to figure out how to pin on the corsages but they did it and they were perfect!


 Now more pictures!

  Casey looked a little nervous.

 I like this picture within a picture.

Then they were off!  Eli drove his parents van which meant Sophie got shotgun the entire night.  Sweet!

The other couple was Marco Perez and Lauren Hancock.  Marco used to live right down the street from us and before we lived here we were in Lauren's ward.  So we've known them both for awhile.  Marco's mom, Maria took them to a little alley and took these shots.  They turned out great!

They had the best time.  Sophie and Abby stayed up for hours afterwards talking about it.  I am so glad that Paula and Charles let Abby come down and go to Sophie's Prom.  It's a big deal for all of them.  Thanks so much!  It'll be one of those moments in life that they will always treasure.  So will I.  Thanks.

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