Monday, February 16, 2015

Thankful 13 and 5k of 2015!

This was our 2nd annual Thankful 13 and 5k.  So far the weather has been perfect each time.  Something to be thankful for.  Each year we'd go to the Lehi Rec Center and do Zumba and Kickboxing with Paula and JoEllen but I decided to give this race a try since I knew that I wouldn't know anyone here.  Last year's race was a complete mess.  If you want to read about it you can click here...Thankful13,2013.  Luckily, this year went 10x better than last.

Joel's race always starts a half an hour before ours so everyone can get back at relatively the same time.  My goal is to always get done before Joel does.  I figure if I can't get 3.1 miles done before he get 13.1 then I am a pretty pathetic excuse of a human being. 

 While we were waiting we took some pictures.  Steve and the boys came to watch everyone run.  George and Jake ran but they weren't registered so instead of crossing the finish line and getting a medal they just ran off to the side.  

 Then it was our turn.  Before we start we always have a meeting place picked out for everyone to meet if they get "separated".  Otherwise known as, the place to wait for mom to finish.  Here is a picture I took from my spot in the race.  I was about in the middle.  The boys had already turned the corner up ahead and were out of view.  Last year there weren't very many people running, but this year it exploded and there were a ton!

It's a gorgeous trail that goes down along the river.  There was a paraglider this year checking everyone out and taking pictures.  It was pretty cool.  

This picture didn't show up as well as I'd hoped.  The sky blended in and I couldn't stop and reset my camera.  But Timp was so pretty covered with snow.  It always is.  You can see how far I've fallen behind by this point.  This was just past half way.

The main reason why I don't run is because the blog ends up like this...below is us after we finished.  There are no pictures of anyone crossing the finish line.  Just us.  Sitting here.  I'm not saying that I love to run but I wish it was easier for me.  I really struggle with it and then when there are no pictures, I feel guilty for even trying.   If I could hire someone to take pictures for me then I would train harder so I could run with my kids instead of behind them.  I'm a sprinter.  And as far as I know, my mane is still up on the Lehi High School Track record board in the 4x100 relay.  My muscles are not long and lean ones that are built for endurance.  So, for now I will pick and choose which races I'll run and hope I can find some pictures from someone else to stick on the blog.  I need to run for my health but I'd much rather take pictures.

While we were waiting for Joel to finish the announcer decided to have a push-up contest to give away a pumpkin pie.  All the boys joined in but a military guy in his late 20's won.

Then not to long after that Joel came across the finish line.  He did a great job!

I was glad that Steve and the boys came out and supported us.  It was cold but fun.

Here are the pictures I stole from the web site.  Actually, I am just doing some advertising for them for it's not really stealing.  Right?  I never could find a picture of  David. Another problem with not taking the pictures yourself.  You get what you get.  Danggit!

The last and best reason to not run is that if I'm taking the pictures then there are no pictures of  ME!

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