Saturday, February 28, 2015

Ice Skating!!!

Since everyone was on Christmas Break from school we decided to have some fun.  We went to Cedar to SKATE!!!  My all time favorite thing to do.

 Needless to say that it is NOT Joel's favorite thing to do.  He hates it.  He does however Love me.  So, he comes and tries and spends time with us and makes memories that last forever.  I told him that his goal this time was 10 laps.  He was skeptical.

 After I took this picture he said, "Wait, take another one and let me at least pose so it looks like I know how to skate".

And this is what I got.  Yep, he's got it alright.  That picture say PRO all over it.

 Sophie has an amazing talent for helping little kids.  So naturally she took right to helping David.  He's skated before but it's been a year and he had forgotten everything.

Shayne skated like a pro.  You'd never tell that she'd missed a year.  She could even text and skate without falling down.  Now that's talent!

Ben,  always does great.  David just couldn't find his ice legs.

Shayne helped her Dad out for a couple laps so I could take some pictures.

 My girls are good helpers.

 Here's Ben, trying to be like me.  Awesome.

After about 20 minutes of Sophie helping David we saw a walker not being used and grabbed it.  He tried it out and only used it for about 5 minutes.  He didn't like it.

Joel finishing up.

 After his tenth time around I took a group photo and let him go.

  Then he was out of there!  We traded the camera job and I was out of there!  Off to skate without any restrictions or fear of falling and breaking the camera.

 All of these pictures were taken with my new camera that I got for Christmas.  Joel took much better ones than I did.  But in all fairness I went to my subjects, his went to him or he shot them from afar.

This was my landing of my TRIPLE salchow.  I wish.

 Here I was trying to sneak up in Ben but it looks more like I have to use the bathroom.

This is me checking out how awesome Sophie and I look starting out our spin.

This is Josh holding back the crowds to give us room to finish up our outstanding routine!

This is Josh trying to teach the girls to skate backwards.
Here they are concentrating really hard and doing quite well.  But Josh in still the King of going backwards.  Kinda like Mater.

Aren't my kids gorgeous?!

Just when I thought he was getting the hang of it.  

  I don't know what the fascination is with these two and their tongues but here's some picture's.

I call this one...Tongue and the one legged bird. 

Mom and Photo-bomber

 Here is my take off of my double axle.  For some reason Joel never caught me mid air.  Maybe he's not such a great photographer after all.

Group photo with me before we left. 

Lunch at Brad's Food Hut before the trip home.  Our go to place to eat EVERY time we're in Cedar.  David took this first picture.  See the empty spot?  He climbed under the table to get out.

Another awesome day with the Beckstrands!

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