Saturday, February 28, 2015

Sledding in Pive Valley!

The day after Christmas we went up to Pine Valley to go sledding.  It was the first snow of the year and it was awesome!
 They're just so happy to be in the snow!

Josh went down head first and got pretty far.

Shayne shredding it up...for about 15 feet.

This one ride was the best.  David must have had a great push by someone because he went forever and was so excited about it.

 Can you still see him all the way down there?

This was my zoom in on him when he got off his sled.

Meanwhile...this was going on behind me and when they crashed they had to stop and take a selfie.

This was a funny picture because at this very moment David was going about a mile an hour.  Super slow.  And Ben was going just a hair faster and slowly gaining on him. Neither of them wanted to stop.  They just kept crawling because David didn't want Ben to beat his distance and Ben knew if he was patient he'd catch him.  Look at the smile on Ben's face.  It was so funny. 

Sophie tried to go down head first and we told her that she looked more like a penguin sliding on her tummy.

We were up there for a couple hours and then the kids all got hungry so we decided to leave.  But not before Sophie could do a snow angel and eat some snow.  Which was perfectly innocent until Shayne jumped on her and shoved her face in the snow.

Then an all out snow fight began.  This is how they looked when it ended.  Ben stayed out of it safely in the van. 

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