Monday, February 16, 2015

Hutchings Museum

The day after Thanksgiving we went to explore the Hutchings Museum with Grandpa.  I hadn't been inside of there for about 20 years.  It was Family Week in Lehi and admission was free with a canned good.  So Grandma loaded us up and away we went.

Here we are with our cans before we went in.
Back row: C.J., Jake, Josh, Joel, Grandpa Shelton and Issac Lucero
Middle row: Sophie, Shayne, Abby
Front row: Tyler, Ben, David, Jenna and Jesse Lucero.   Not in photo: Me.

Sophie and Shayne in front of the butterfly display.  It was beautiful.  Joel with a huge Golden Eagle.

 This was the best picture in there.  It is of the old Mercur Mine that my Grandpa Shelton worked in.  They had a big mining display that was really neat.

Dinosaur display.  It represented the different bones found in the Lehi area.

 This is a playback machine that once belonged to James E. Talmage.  You can read that card attached to it.  It is really cool.

We also found this awesome Mustache Cup. So we took a picture and sent it to Ashley and told her that she needed to find one for Brad.

Then we got to the Mormon Pioneer room and Grandpa gathered everyone around to tell us a cool story of our relative that ran the Pony Express.   Grandpa knows his History!

I loved this Porter Rockwell wall.  It was awesome.  It had all sorts of pictures and quotes about him.

The old jail cells were down in the part also and we had a good laugh at the sign.  We had no idea that Lehi had such a sketchy past.  A BROAD array of skulduggery went on...not just a little bit.  Scary!

They also had this neat old poster hanging up with all of the outlaws on it.

The last place was the Indian room and Ben was nearly eaten alive.  It was a close call.  While Shayne and Sophie played on the Indian war drums.

It was a fun trip down memory lane and a fun new trip for everyone else.  I'm glad my kids were able to go through.

Walking back down the street to my parents house we saw this gorgeous thing.  One of my favorite things to see.

I just have to add these wonderful fridge magnets into this blog.  My mother always has the best things on her fridge.

She use to have one that said, "My friend said I needed to get in shape and I told her, "Round is a shape!""

When we got back inside Grandma's Katie was there!  She hadn't been able to come down from college yet so it was good to see her.

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