Sunday, February 15, 2015

Wells Family Addition

In September we helped Kyle and JoEllen take out their in-ground trampoline because they had decided to add a master bedroom on to the house and give their current master bedroom to the girls.  That way George and Evan could get their own rooms.  So the first step to this awesome task was to take out the tramp.  Little did we know that an entire colony of black widow spiders was living under it!  So Kyle had a couple cans of bug killer and was spraying anything that was crawling out.  We unscrewed all of the metal and took it out piece by piece.  Then folded up the huge black tarp that was on the ground and put it in the garbage.  It didn't take long but we had to be careful so no one got bit.  Especially Evan and David.  They weren't really paying attention.

 Here is the addition.  It matches perfectly! 

 And here's the entire thing.  It looks like it should have always been there.

 And the inside is gorgeous.  JoEllen did a great job of decorating it.

Their shower is amazing!

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