Monday, February 16, 2015


Another great family tradition started right here in Southern Utah with Jan before she was Jandy.  Christmas Cookies!  Every year she makes a BILLION cookies in a MILLION different shapes and whips up THOUSANDS of pounds of frosting in a rainbow of colors for us to frost the worlds best sugar cookie with.  Not only that but she also has HUNDREDS of toppings to put on them to make whatever design your heart so desires.  It's what makes the Christmas spirit bubble up inside you until you can't hold it in anymore and you want to shout MERRY CHRISTMAS to everyone you see. 

Some are a little nicer looking than others but they all taste delicious!

This is my reindeer. He was a gingerbread man turned upside down.  He was yummy.

 Josh was so proud of his creations.  He thought only of his stomach and not of how cute they were.  For example, that star was made entirely out of huge Lemonheads so he could eat them later.

Sisters...Sisters...there were never such...wait I used that on the bowling blog.  I can't help it they're just so dang cute.

 It seems like there are two ways to go when decorating either very creative or very traditional.  Emily is very creative.  She also had a color theme this year.

 Her mother is very traditional.  Her cookies are always gorgeous.

Jan was a little giddy because JoEllen made gingerbread houses for her and Andy so they didn't have to decorate any cookies.  She was making it snow on her roof.

David and Evan were good helpers cleaning up the leftover frosting by squeezing it out of the bags.

After it's all over and put away, there's only one thing left to PUFFY POO!  JoEllen lets them use the leftover marshmallows and see how many they can stuff in their mouths.  Josh usually wins because his mouth is so huge.  I don't remember how many he got.  I think around 28.  It was pretty impressive until he gagged and spit them all out.

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