Monday, February 23, 2015

Sophie's Bird

December is when you rake leaves in Southern Utah.  I hate it.  You should rake them in October!  You should play in the snow in December!

While we were all outside working in the yard pulling weeds and raking leaves, Sophie noticed something hanging in the honeysuckle bush.  So she went to see what it was.  It was a little bird.  It had gotten it's wing and feet all caught up in the left over Halloween spiderweb that we hadn't gotten off all the way.

Shayne held him down while Sophie used her CTR ring to cut the web off.  We call Sophie the baby whisperer all the time but she is the animal whisperer too.  She would totally be a Disney Princess that has forest friends.
This was our pile of 25 bags!  It may not look like it but it was three deep away from the fence.  Crazy!

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