Sunday, February 15, 2015

Veterans Day

Veterans Day.  Last Parade of the year.  Ben and David both got to walk in it this year and Sophie and Josh were both in the bands. 

 The 5th Grade teachers from Washington Elementary didn't want to walk this year so they drove.  It was awesome.  It's a good thing their students are so trustworthy to let them walk alone.  I guess they figure the students can't get into to much trouble with the whole town watching their every move.  Mr. Ivie is in the front side and Mr. Jolley in the back.  Our two favorite people.  We thought it was funny that Mrs. Turek was driving. 

 Pine View Middle Marching Band.

Here are Sophie and Victoria on their flutes.  Sophie's in the middle.

After the parade, Washington City always puts on a program for the vetrans in our town and the 5th graders are always invited to sing a couple songs.  You can see Ben on the far end.  And on the bottom he is sitting with his buddies watching the rest of the program.  We have always enjoyed this holiday and made sure that the kids know the importance of it and the sacrifice of those who have made our freedom possible.

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