Monday, February 16, 2015

Christmas Concerts

Right after we got back from Lehi all the Christmas festivities began.  David had his choir concert in the park with the annual lighting of the city Christmas tree.

 After they sang there, they went down the street to one of the historical houses and had a concert there as well.  David stood next to Tallen the entire time.  Tallen is a friend of Ben's and in his class at school but is a little on the shorter side.  He's in 5th grade and David's in 3rd.  We like Tallen.  He's a good kid.

The girls in front of them did not like them at all.  Especially Princess in the pink hat.  I don't think she likes anyone.
They goofed off  a little but when it came time to sing they did a great job!

 Next was Josh and Sophie's Christmas Band Concert at PVHS.  They get to decorate their instruments and wear a Santa hat if they wish to.  Josh had fun with it.  He plugged himself into the nearest outlet and played his heart out.  It was awesome.  Sophie tied curling ribbon all around her flute and put a big bow on the end of it.  It was darling.  I didn't get a picture of it or her even playing because Joel and I had bought tickets a month before for the Forgotten Carols and the kids didn't even know when there concert was until the week before.  At this concert they have the regular bands plus each Jazz band plays and the Jazz band played first otherwise we would have been able to see her play a couple songs before we had to go.

When they were done Sophie was waiting to helping him off stage.   Best buddies.
 Merry Christmas!

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