Sunday, February 15, 2015

Flag Football


This year we were lucky enough to get back on the Jensen's team.  We love Josh and Mike Jensen.  They are the best coaches and teach the boys not only the fundamentals of the game but also how to be good sports.  Here they are in a huddle with Josh.

David is definitely a running back.  That kid is FAST!  Here he is running it all the way down the field for a touchdown.

Here he is again with a break away run.

Another week, in the huddle with Mike.

He takes off down the left side of the field!

Breaks away from having his tag pulled and SCORES!!!

He hated playing defense but pulled his share of flags.

His love is scoring.  Through running or catching like this one.

Listening intensely to what play is next.
And executing the play.

This play made him so upset. If you look closely you can see that the kid stepped right on his cleat.  He would have pulled David's flag anyway but David was sure that he was cheating because it made him fall and his shoe came off.  It was awesome.  Look at the other kid's face.  He is determined to get that flag.  Great picture if I do say so myself.  David had a great season.  He loves playing with his friends most of all.  If Taiven, Franklin and T.J. weren't on his team then it wouldn't be near as fun.

Ben's coach was Tony Shoell.  He is single guy who works at the Rec. Center.  He was a great sport to coach these kids.  They loved him.  I think it was good to not have someone's dad coach because everyone got the same amount of playing time and everyone had fun.

Ben was the QB for most of the time and he was awesome at it.  But he wanted to be the one scoring the points by running them in or catching the ball and in this league the quarterback couldn't run the ball.  So we traded off with one of the other boys.

I think his favorite thing to do is juke people.  Here he is after he got the hand off.

Here he is happy to be a running back.
Here are more QB shots.

One thing about Ben is that when he throws any ball, he will curl his tongue up or push it on the inside of his cheek.  It's pretty funny.  But, hey, whatever works right?

I love this picture.  The one huge thing that I loved about Tony is that unlike the rest of the coaches, he stayed on the sideline and let whomever was the quarterback decided what play they were going to do.  He also taught the rest of the team that the quarterback is in charge and what he says goes.  It worked so well.  They might not have won every game but they were so much more grown up than the other teams.  They played well together and always had fun.   They all learned so much about the sport.  It was amazing.

This was during a time out.

This was one of Ben's touchdowns.

And another.  This one was awesome!

Here are his favorite pictures.  Juke, Juke and Juke.

Some fun video's of Ben's throwing.

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