Sunday, February 15, 2015

State Swim at BYU 2015!

This was the first year that Joel and I didn't go to state.  But we figured with Shayne going as a coach, she'd watch Sophie and Josh and be able to help them with whatever they needed.  That also meant that I didn't take any of these pictures.  Hahaha!  The first one is of them waiting for their bus.  The bus driver was really late getting there.  The next one is the traditional one on the bus.
Here the kids are from all 3 schools; Pine View, Hurricane, and Desert Hills.  What a great group of kids.
Here they are passing time.  Waiting until 5A got done so they could go warm up.

While they were there Sophie asked Irie Jeremiah to Preference.  It was cute.

He had to pop all the balloons to find all the little pieces of paper
that had the letters of her name on it to see who it was that was asking him.

Then it was time to SWIM!!!
Here's Sophie's relay team and her start of the race.  I think Leighton was the one in the water.

Here are the other school's relay teams.

Here is our boys relay team.
The rest of these are pictures that will make sense to Sophie and Josh.
This is Day 2.  Look how peaceful the pool looks when it's empty.
Josh had a great Mohawk that was long enough for Sophie to french braid.  It was also Valentine's Day while they were there and all of the boys gave all the girls a box of chocolates.  It was cute.  Josh found his dream car in the mall parking lot and had to have his picture taken with it.
So eternally grateful for these three kids.  They are amazing!  I'm so glad that I don't have to worry about them misbehaving or being followers to others.  They are great leaders who help lift others to do their best and spread smiles on the faces of everyone who see them.  I love them all so much!

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