Monday, February 16, 2015


I am thankful that we get to come up to Lehi every year and spend Thanksgiving with my family.  When Joel and I were first married we went up to Lehi every other month.  I hated being away from "home".  Now that our kids are older and are all busy with one sport or another (every, single, weekend) we only get back up north on Easter and Thanksgiving.  So, I am indeed grateful for those two holidays and the time we can spend with my family.  Thanksgiving morning started out with the Thankful 13 and 5K.  Then that afternoon, after the Macy's Parade and Purina Dog Show, we EAT!  After all, that's why we celebrate the holiday right?  To help us remember how the Indians fed us and kept us alive in this land so we could grow and flourish?  Well, it helps keep us humble.  To help us remember where we came from and all that we have because of all of those that came before us.

Kids Table.

Kyle getting in the way of my picture of the boys table.

The boys table.

The girls table.

The VIP table.

 The FUN table!  And Evan cleaning up all the napkins afterwards.  It cracked me up.  He just kept grabbing them and they just kept falling out.

 Andy, eying the pies.  There were more pies than this.  This picture is missing an apple and a couple chocolate pies too.  We figured that there were enough pies that everyone could have half a pie!  YIKES!  It's no wonder we're all diabetic.

One of our family traditions, that goes back further than I can remember, is going bowling after we eat.  The first time I remember doing it was when I was probably 10.  We'd go with the Peck and Lucero's every year.   Now our kids are going with their cousins.

 That's a good lookin' group!

Abby and Sophie.


Paula and Jake.

Nick, Tyler and Jenna.

C.J. and David.

Joel, Ben and C.J.

Josh, Jenna and David.

Joel and David.  One of them has the correct form.  One does not.

Sophie and Shayne.  Sisters...Sisters...There were never such devoted sisters.

 Jake and Paula again.  They always seem to bowl at the same time.  I think Jake got a little frustrated.

Jenna loved it all.  The boys were boys.  Josh took that picture because I put my camera down to take my turn.

 Josh took my picture with my camera.  Look at how straight my ball is going.  Yep, you guess it.  Strike!

The "adults".  I used the quotes for Steve's sake.

The kids.  So dang cute!

Josh and Jenna.  Look at Jenna's perfect form and where her ball is headed.  She's a natural.

These two on the other hand...

YIKES!   Selfies after 40 are not good.

Strikes after 40 are AWESOME!!!

This makes it look like Josh just made a strike but if you look down the lane the pins are still standing.   He had a 7/10 split and it went right down the middle.   FIELD GOAL!!!
We had so much fun.  I absolutely love Thanksgiving because of my family and the memories we make together.  Thanks so much!

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