Friday, February 27, 2015


Christmas Eve was very uneventful this year.  We went over to Brian and Holly's and hung out for a couple hours and came home.  We didn't eat or play any games, didn't reenact the nativity or sing any Christmas songs.  We also have to prepare or make anything.  So it was different.  When we got home we did our own little Christmas thing and opened our gifts from the grandparents and our new p.j.s, watched Emmett Otter and went to bed.  The kids all went to sleep in Shayne and Sophie's rooms in the basement so we could wrap the stairs so they couldn't come up and peek.

We got this awesome Minnie Mouse Waffle Iron from my parents!

And we all got new slippers from Grandma Beckstrand and a bottle of Coconut Oil from Grandpa Beckstrand.

Here are Sophie and Shayne's cute p.j's.

The boys got random black jama's and we got matching Jack Skelington pajama pants.

The Christmas Tree was sporting the Dallas Cowboy Blue again this year.  Next year it will be Pine View Colors for Sophie's Sr. year.  The tree actually stayed up longer than usual because the Cowboys were on a winning streak and Joel didn't want to jinx them by taking it down.  So we waited until they lost.  Which was fine by me because I loved that tree.  It was gorgeous.

After all the excitement died down we wrapped the kids in the basement and went to bed.


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