Monday, February 23, 2015

River View Medical Christmas Party

We had a great Christmas dinner up at the Ledge restaurant up by the old airport.  It used to be Rocco's.  It was nice to see it open again.  The view is incredible from up there.  It's great to see everyone dressed up too.  We actually look good for a change. 
Here are Amy & Vince and Megin & Shawn.

 Us and Kirsten & Craig.

Kalo didn't want Jana and Julie to feel left out of the couples pictures.  Here's Kalo & Josh.  Believe it or not that is Josh smiling.

I forgot to say that all of these pictures are Kalo's.  None of mine turned out because of  the lighting in the room.   She took all of theses, including this panorama,  with her iphone!  I need one of those!

This was a great one of the view.

We decided to let the Dr.'s open their presents while we waited for the food.  They loved them.

 Megin making the rounds.

The food was amazing.  Here is the salmon and the salad was nice but the Passion Fruit Cheesecake for dessert was FANTASTIC!  It was so sour and tart that my mouth is watering just thinking about it.

The the staff opened their gifts to each other and here I am telling Sue about the apron I made for her out of an old pair of Levis.  Then all the sudden Amy said, "Aren't those the pair I gave you?"  Sure enough they were!  It was hilarious.  She had given me a pair that her son no longer fit in to see if they'd fit one of my boys and they didn't so I recycled them.

Here are George and Norma McCraken.  It was good to have them there.

Here's a picture of all the girls.

Here's Dr. LaRowe and his harem.  There wasn't any room for me because of Kalo's booty and the table that was in the way so I just sat on the table.

The Three Musketeers with and without glasses.

The amazing view.  I love our Christmas parties.  We get to relax and enjoy each other and not have to worry about patients or about being professional.  We can just be ourselves.  We are our own little family.

The next day at work we had our ugly sweater day.  This year Sue won.  She made her own sweater.

What a Motley Crue!

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